Why You Need Chimney Caps in Utah

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Why You Need Chimney Caps in Utah

If you have a chimney in your home, you’ve probably heard it’s a good idea to get a chimney cap installed. But what are chimney caps and why do you need one? The first part of this question is simple. Chimney caps are steel or copper coverings designed to go over the top of your chimney. Chimney caps in Utah … Read More

Utah Ice Melt Systems

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Utah Ice Melt Systems

Utah is no stranger to freezing temperatures and snow. In some parts of the state, it’s possible to see snowfall seven months out of the year. In fact, the Salt Lake City area alone sees a yearly average of 54 inches of snow. That’s almost double the national average! With all of this snow falling and melting and then refreezing … Read More

Gutter Cleaning – Avoid These 6 Habits To Stay Safe

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Gutter cleaning safety tips Utah

Gutters are at the heart of most household roofing systems. Besides minimizing water damage, they prevent soil erosion, mold growth, and insect breeding around your home.   That said, most homeowners don’t tend to their gutters until the damage is noticeable. And before they know it, the clogged gutters have pushed water back into their soffit and fascia, roofline, then into … Read More

7 Questions You Must Ask When Hiring A Gutter Cleaning Service Company

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Gutter Cleaning Near Me

Gutter cleaning is exhausting and time consuming. But it is necessary to keep your house in excellent shape. That’s why you need to hire a gutter cleaning service to clean your gutters at least twice a year. However, hiring the first gutter cleaner you come across is never a good idea. You need to find a reliable, professional, experienced, and reasonably priced gutter … Read More

Fall is the Perfect Time for Leaf Guards

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Fall is the perfect time for leaf guards

Fall is a beautiful time of year. But for some homeowners, it’s also a time of dread. With fall comes falling leaves, and depending on the number and type of trees you have, those leaves could cause serious issues with your gutters. To help keep leaves out of your gutters we recommend leaf guards. Fall is the perfect time of … Read More

How to Protect Your Siding from Water Damage

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Protect your siding from water damage with gutters.

It’s important to protect your siding from water damage. That’s because the siding on your home serves several very important purposes.  It prevents damage from harmful elements such as wind, ice, and rain  Siding helps to keep pests like mice and bugs from gaining access to your house  Your home’s siding is the largest contributor to its overall appearance as … Read More