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Welcome to the Ace Gutter Employee Training Page.

General Orientation
Overview Video

Ace University

Spencer Townsend gives a brief overview of how to become a lead installer with 30, 60, and 90 day expectations.

General Orientation

Start with this training manual
How to Fill Out a Time Card
Loading a Truck & keeping it Clean
Shop Orientation
Filling out a Digital Time Card
Disposing of old rain gutter
Assembly & Installation Guide

Rain Gutters

Build and install custom elbows 1” to 4” ledge
Locate power when not readily available
Measure a downspout “A”
Properly clean out rain gutter, when to remove offset, when not to use a blower, etc.
Cut and fit bay miters
Properly set a ladder on difficult access
Properly Seal a Miter
Loading a Rain Gutter Machine
Unloading a Rain Gutter Machine
When to use a gutter wedge
Install hangers every 2’ to 2 ½’ in every section of rain gutter
Outside Miter: measure and install
Install and seal an end cap
Repair & Getting Water Guide

Gutter Repair Tips

How and when to install inside corner flashing MB
How and when to install Splash guard on inside corner
Patch a downspout hole - MB
Seal leaking hanger - MB
When and how to install slip flashing
Assembly & Installation Guide


Assemble a Downspout
Install a Downspout
Measure and install a "B" offset
Install a flip up extension
When and how to use stretched elbows 4” to 8” ledge
Installation Guide

Leaf Management

Bulldog leaf management MB
Installation Guide

Heat Cable

Install heat cable end seal
Splice heat cable MB