Clogged gutters can cause major problems for your home. If water backs up in clogged gutters, it can seep behind the gutters, saturating your fascia board and trapping moisture. Over time this moisture will potentially result in rot, mold and mildew, and can cause major damage to your structure. We offer several products that will keep your rain gutters and downspouts clean to prevent this kind of damage.


$1-3 per linear foot

Rain Gutter Cleaning

We offer rain gutter clean-out services and are happy to complete this service anytime of the year as long as weather conditions permits. Ace Gutter provides a professional cleaning, starting with cleaning the rain gutters on the home and flushing the downspouts where clogs occur most often. We either use water to flush the downspouts or disconnect the downspouts to remove the debris inside. Whatever method we use, you can be sure your rain gutters will be flowing perfectly. Rain gutter cleaning can be dangerous with estimated accidents up to 6,500 per year. If you are not comfortable getting up there to clean your rain gutters don’t hesitate to call the pros.

Generally, we advise folks to clean their rain gutters thoroughly twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. If you live near taller, mature trees this will increase your clean-out frequency. Schedule an appointment today >


3 Options. Great Performance.

Three leaf guard products to meet your budget.



Real Gutter Cover Leaf Guards

This type of leaf protection is our most basic and can be installed onto most existing rain gutter. When Real Gutter Cover is installed it is tucked behind your roof’s drip edge to ensure the water coming off your roof travels directly into the gutter. Water runs through the holes in the cover as debris is left on top and ideally, blown off.

This system is not completely maintenance-free, as leaves and sticks may get trapped on top of the Real Gutter Cover. However, clogs in the rain gutter’s downspouts will be heavily minimized. To maintain this kind of leaf protection, simply scrape existing debris off the top of the Real Gutter Cover. So water can effortlessly flow through the holes in the cover and down into the rain gutter. As our most basic leaf guard we are happy to offer this product to those constantly struggling with debris clogging their rain gutters and downspouts.

  • 5-Year Warranty

  • $4-$6 per linear foot

  • Black or mill finish



Ace Gutter Team Serving Northern Utah

Rain Filter is designed to keep leaves, debris, insects and other pests out of the rain gutter. This allows water to flow off the roof and be filtered down into the rain gutter. Rain Filter is made to fit snugly into existing rain gutter and invisible to the eye once installed. It is shaped so water has a free-flow under the filter to the nearest downspout for optimal drainage. Rain Filter is fabricated from multi-polymer foam which is both lightweight and durable. It is coated with an Ultraviolet (UV) protection to prevent deteriorations from the powerful rays of the sun and other harsh elements found outdoors. This mid-grade leaf protection has become popular because of its affordability and effectiveness to relieving clean-out duties of the homeowner.

  • 25-Year Warranty

  • $6-$8 per linear foot

  • Virtually invisible

  • Lightweight and durable

  • Multi polymer foam


Leaf Slugger

Northern Utah Leaf Slugger Rain Gutter Protector

Leaf Slugger is “the boss” of all leaf protection methods and is a completely maintenance-free system. Leaf Slugger becomes an extension of your roofline which is undetectable, with a neat and clean appearance. The .027 aluminum hood is installed between the first and second layers of shingles and uses brackets which attach to the front of the existing rain gutter. Once installed, Leaf Slugger does the rest. It comes with a clog-free guarantee, no more getting on a ladder to clean out rain gutters. Leaf Slugger is extremely durable but doesn’t look bulky and unappealing. In fact, it is barley noticed by most. Formulated to withstand winds up to 110 mph and 190 lbs of direct pressure, it’s easy to see why we call this leaf protection “the boss.” When looking at Leaf Slugger, one might assume during a heavy rainstorm water may just shoot off the edge and down onto the ground below. Well….quite the contrary. Leaf Slugger has recorded controlling water flow up to 22 inches per hour, hardly the amount we accumulate here in Utah. If you are over cleaning out rain gutters and clogged downspouts then this high-quality leaf protection is your ticket out.

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • $12-$14 per linear foot

  • Withstands high winds up to 110 mph

  • Handles 22 inches per hour rain flow

  • 0.27 inch gauge aluminum hood

  • Low profile for added curb appeal

Ace Gutter Tip

The best way to extend the life of your rain gutter is keeping them free from debris. Ace Gutter recommends a cleaning twice a year, one in the fall, and one in the spring. Learn about our leaf protection options; if you and your family would rather be playing in the leaves then cleaning them out of your gutters – give us a call!