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Ice Melt Systems


Ice and snow can cause major issues to the exterior of homes. The rain gutter, roof and siding of the home can all be subject to damage. Utah has winter conditions which can increase these risks. 

Ice dams are the major cause for leaking and roof damage, creating more issues to a home’s exterior. Sometimes keeping your rain gutter free from debris isn’t enough to prevent these ice dams in certain areas of the home. When ice builds up in the rain gutter, it not only builds up and over the rain gutter forming dangerous icicles, but it backs up and can sneak under the shingles in the roof causing serious damage to the home.



Prevention is Key

Prevention is the key to keeping your home safe. Ace Gutter provides and installs commercial-grade ice melting systems. With multiple layers and jackets on our ice melting systems or what we call “heat tape,” ensures protection from outdoor elements. Every linear foot on our heat tape is self-regulated, meaning power isn’t being pushed through every inch of your heat tape in the areas where ice and snow are not critical. This helps retain electricity surging though all areas of the heat tape. We offer a 120 volt heat tape and 240 volt heat tape option. This will depend on the power ability of the home and how much ice needs to be reduced. All these questions can be answered by our professional estimators as we walk you though the free estimate.

When installing the heat tape, our professionals run the systems through areas of the home where requested. Generally, we install problematic areas, such as valleys or above entryways. Then, we run the heat tape through the rain gutter and into the downspouts all the way to the ground or the end of the downspout. This creates a channel for the water to freely flow and reduces the continual ice build up. We can install heat tape how ever the home owner wishes to an extent in which the performance of the product is at full capacity.

This investment is not a quick fix or a second thought, until it is too late. We value our ice melting systems and understand pricing can build up quickly. This is a high quality product, we don’t make excuses for our pricing we just back it up. We offer a 10 year warranty and get few call-backs on these ice melting systems. This is an additional asset to the home and is an investment which must be seriously considered. We have discovered the damages from excessive ice dams, outweighs our price of the ice melting systems.

  • 10 year warranty

  • Avoid icy porches, sidewalks, and driveways

  • Prevent costly damage

  • 120 volt and 240 volt heat tape option

Heat tape installed on Draper, Utah Home


Heat trace cables provide heat to maintain the temperatures of pipe contents for the purposes of freeze protection or to maintain a specific process temperature range.


Manufacturers warn not to use these type of cables at a higher elevation, where these situations may not be continually met.

Higher elevations with greater snow accumulation and lower temperatures require heat panels, or additional heavy duty methods to keep homes free from ice dam and snow damage.



Cables have been proven to work best in areas where:

  • Snow rarely, if ever exceeds 50” per yearAverage snowfall per storm does not exceed 3”
  • You only use them for their designated purpose – to keep downspouts and gutters from freezing.

Ace Gutter Advantage

Is your chimney cap doing its job?


When it comes to products a variety of options, many consumers have a hard time determining which is best for the particular situation involved. Here are the best materials for chimney caps according to consumer reports:

    • Stainless steel
    • Copper

These both provide a more durable cover, which allows the cap to last longer and protect your home from the elements from both the inside, and out. Stainless steel often comes at a slightly lower price.


Swooped Stainless Steel

For the consumer that cares about the appearance of the product, we provide you with swooped, straight and customized options in both stainless and galvanized steel, as well as copper.

Ace Gutter Tip - Heat Cables

Our commercial-grade heat cable systems regulate their power output every linear foot, working efficiently, making your power bill low and your wallet happy. Spend money on those you care about – not your ice melt system!.