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Chimney caps are important to protect your home from damage, but they can also add beauty and uniqueness to your home.

Made primarily from painted steel, copper or galvanized steel, they will keep your roof safe from flame and fly-away hot ashes, birds and rodents who would find their way into your home, and from additional moisture and mildew from weather conditions.

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  • Keeps mold causing moisture out
  • Keeps critters/wildlife out
  • Prevents downdrafts
  • Helps keep outside debris to a minimum
  • Protect surroundings from igniting sparks

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Is your chimney cap doing its job?


When it comes to products a variety of options, many consumers have a hard time determining which is best for the particular situation involved. Here are the best materials for chimney caps according to consumer reports:

    • 24 Gauge Kynar Steel Finish
    • Copper

These both provide a more durable cover, which allows the cap to last longer and protect your home from the elements from both the inside, and out. Stainless steel often comes at a slightly lower price.



For the consumer that cares about the appearance of the product, we provide you with swooped, straight and customized options in both stainless and galvanized steel, as well as copper.

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Ace Gutter Tip

Even though many hardware stores have numerous options for aluminum chimney caps, these are often flimsy, and don’t really do what they are made for. A "one size fits all" solution cannot compare to a custom fabricated, professionally installed chimney cap.