Facts About DIY Gutter Repair

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DIY Gutter Repair Facts

Facts about DIY Gutter Repair

Being a homeowner is looked at as a rite of passage in this country. Owning a home is a sign of success, security, and stability. We work hard to make it to a point in our lives where we can afford one. And once we have a home to call our own, we work hard to maintain it. But did you know the average new homeowner spends over $2,700 in repairs during their first five years of ownership? In this article, we’re going to teach you some facts about DIY gutter repair to help you offset those costs.

Clogs and Preventative Maintenance

The most common issue people run into with their rain gutters is clogs. Clogs also just so happen to be one of the easiest issues to fix, or better yet, prevent from happening in the first place. 

Clogs occur when sticks, leaves, dirt, and other debris find themselves in the gutter and downspouts. When this happens, water is unable to flow through the gutter system like it is supposed to. To make sure this doesn’t happen, regularly check your gutters for debris and clear them out whenever it begins to build up. 

Realigning Your Gutters

It isn’t uncommon for even a perfectly clean gutter to stop working properly. The biggest cause for this is misalignment. A gutter that isn’t properly aligned allows the water to pool rather than safely drain away. Factors like high wind can throw off the alignment, and so can an increase in weight caused by ice or clogs. 

When this happens check the brackets on the back of the gutter. The gutters should be hanging at a slight angle, sloping downwards toward the drain. Sometimes it’s as simple as tightening the screws which connect the brackets back to their original position. In other cases, you’ll notice the brackets themselves are bent requiring only a slight adjustment. If your own issue proves more complicated than that, there is no shame in shopping around for a pro to take a look at things

Annoying Drips

Not all of these facts about DIY gutter repair involve avoiding costly damage to your home. Some problems are smaller in scale. Drips can form in a clean gutter when a small amount of water reaches the downspout. Though harmless, the sound of dripping water can be surprisingly irritating. To prevent this, simply run a length of thin cord along the inside of the downspout. The small amounts of water that used to slowly drip all day, will now run down the length of the cord silently.

Call a Pro

All of the tips we just provided are fairly simple and easy to do. However, they all require working on your roof or high up on a ladder. To avoid any potentially dangerous or risky situations for yourself, do not hesitate to call an experienced professional. 

Right now is the perfect time to get your rain gutters repaired, cleaned, or even installed. Our friendly and experienced staff is always here to answer any questions you have about gutter cleaning and maintenance in Utah! Please give us a call at (801) 676-1048 or fill out our secure online contact form and get your free bid today!