9 Ways Gutter Guard Installation Can Enhance Home Value in Utah

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When it comes to home improvements, homeowners often look for projects that offer a tangible return on investment. While gutter guards might not be the first feature you think of, they’re a smart, cost-effective way to boost your home’s value.

Gutters channel water away from your foundation, preventing water intrusion that can lead to serious damage. However, when they’re clogged, you could be looking at some serious issues. 

That’s where gutter guards come in. By keeping your gutters functioning efficiently, they protect your home from water damage and reduce the number of times you must clean your gutters every year. 

Still, you might question whether the upfront cost of gutter guards is justified. The answer is yes. Not every home has them, but there are plenty of reasons to consider getting leaf guards if you’re looking to enhance your home’s value and protect your investment. 

Let’s explore a few reasons you should opt for gutter guard installation in Utah

1. They Keep Your Foundation Safe

Even when your gutters clog up, rain and melting snow still need to go somewhere. Often, this excess water spills over the sides of your gutters and pools right by your home’s foundation. Over time, this can weaken your foundation and potentially lower your property’s value. 

Ideally, your gutters should channel water smoothly through the downspouts, which should then direct it at least 10 feet away from your house or towards a slope that carries it away from your property. Gutter guards play a big role in making sure this happens by keeping your gutter system clog-free.

2. They Prevent Water Damage

Overflowing gutters can wreak havoc on your home. Gutter blockages and malfunctions can result in water damage, such as: 

  • Siding that looks discolored or damaged 
  • Water pooling around your house 
  • Erosion messing up your landscaping 
  • Rotting wood on your boards and siding 
  • Rusty gutters 
  • Cracks in your driveway or sidewalks 
  • A flooded basement 
  • Leaky windows 
  • Gutters sagging or pulling away from the house 
  • Hurt landscaping plants 
  • Water just sitting on your roof or in the gutters 
  • Mold and mildew popping up 
  • Roof damage 

Nobody wants the headache or expense that comes with fixing a water-damaged home. Gutter guard installation prevents blockages and keeps your landscaping safe from water damage.

3. They Prevent Ice Dams

Winter brings a brand-new problem for your gutters: ice dams. When your gutters overflow because they can’t drain snow and ice quickly enough, the water freezes in the gutters and forms a heavy, ice blockage known as an ice dam. 

Ice dams can weigh down your gutters, causing them to sag, bend, and eventually break under all that weight.  

The simple fix? Gutter guards. They keep your gutters clear of debris, so water flows freely and doesn’t get a chance to freeze and form ice dams. 

4. They Reduce Maintenance

Many homeowners prefer gutter guards because they’re easy to maintain. Sure, they might need a quick check-up now and then, but gutter guard maintenance is nothing compared to the constant upkeep required by traditional gutters.  

Since gutter guards block branches, leaves, and other junk from getting into your gutters, they cut down on the usual headache of exterior home maintenance. Hence, potential homebuyers will have one less thing to worry about when it comes to spring/fall cleanups. 

5. They Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan

Gutter guards do more than just keep leaves out—they can extend the life of your roof. Choosing the right type of gutter guards makes sure your gutters stay clear and prevent roof problems. 

By reducing the risk of roof damage, gutter guards add a valuable selling point to your home. When it’s time to put your house on the market, you can highlight how these simple additions have protected your roof and saved future homeowners a ton of money and hassle. 

6. They Stop Plant Growth in Gutters

Let’s face it, weeds poking out of your gutters aren’t exactly a good look and can make your place seem a bit neglected. Leaf guards ward off squirrels, which in turn reduces the sunflower seeds they love to stash in your gutters. This means you’re less likely to find unexpected plant growth sprouting in your gutter system- a real benefit to maintaining your home’s curb appeal. 

But keep in mind, gutter guards aren’t foolproof. Some tiny seeds might still sneak through the cracks if they drop from overhead trees or if birds decide to do a fly-by seed drop. So, while gutter guards can significantly reduce the chances of plants taking root in your gutters, they might not stop every single seed. Nonetheless, they’re a solid line of defense that helps maintain the overall tidiness and appeal of your home’s exterior. 

7. They Keep Pests and Critters Out

Gutter troughs filled with water can attract wildlife to your home. They provide a handy drinking spot for small mammals and a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Here’s a rundown of the critters that might make themselves at home if your gutters are left unchecked. 

  • Ants 
  • Bats 
  • Bees 
  • Birds 
  • Cockroaches 
  • Gnats 
  • Mice 
  • Mosquitoes 
  • Opossums 
  • Rats 
  • Snakes 
  • Spiders 
  • Squirrels 
  • Termites 
  • Wasps 

You don’t want your home buzzing with unwanted guests, and gutter guard care can help reduce these infestations. Clean gutters act as a type of pest control by discouraging wildlife from getting too close to your home. 

8. Boosts Fire Resistance

Utah is one of the most wildfire-prone states in the U.S. As such, gutter guards act as a simple, yet effective barrier that keeps both your gutters and roof safer during wildfire season. They prevent dry leaves, twigs, and other flammable debris from accumulating in your gutters. Without this pile-up, you significantly lower the chance of embers from nearby fires igniting these materials. 

9. Adds to Green Credentials

An increasing number of homebuyers today are looking for eco-friendly features. A few types of gutter guards contribute to a home’s green credentials by improving how water is managed and reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. This way, your home is safer for the environment and less reliant on substances that can harm local ecosystems. For buyers keen on sustainable living, gutter guards can be a major selling point. 

The Bottom Line

Putting gutter guards on your Utah home is a smart, budget-friendly move. You can think of them as a savvy upgrade that makes your daily life easier and pumps up your home’s market value. 

Ready to protect your home and boost its value with gutter guards? Visit Ace Gutter, Inc. today to explore our high-quality gutter guards in Utah. Contact us today to enjoy a cleaner, safer home with our gutter guard installation services.