Fall is the Perfect Time for Leaf Guards

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Fall is the perfect time for leaf guards

Fall is a beautiful time of year. But for some homeowners, it’s also a time of dread. With fall comes falling leaves, and depending on the number and type of trees you have, those leaves could cause serious issues with your gutters. To help keep leaves out of your gutters we recommend leaf guards. Fall is the perfect time of year to install them.

Leaf Guards – Keeping Leaves Out of Your Rain Gutters

What’s the problem with clogged gutters?

In autumn, a single tree can drop several hundred thousand leaves. It’s not surprising that that many leaves can clog your gutters. Some problems that result from clogged gutters include:

  • Clogged downspout – If the downspout on the gutter is clogged, the water will eventually overflow and pour out of the gutter along the edge of your house.
  • Water around the foundation – Your home’s foundation is strong, but consistent water penetration into the soil around it can cause leaking and cracking.
  • Gutter ripping away from the edge of home – A full gutter can weigh a lot – enough to rip it off of the side of your home.

As you can see, clogged gutters can cause expensive damage to your property. They can also present safety hazards. That’s why it is so important to clean your gutters periodically. Or, you can take advantage of new technology and have us install leaf guards instead!

What are leaf guards?

Leaf guards are specially designed covers for the tops of your gutters. They only allow water into your gutters and keep leaves and other materials out. That means your gutters don’t get clogged and you avoid the problems listed above.

Some of the benefits of leaf guards include:

  • Gutters work as intended – Your gutters will continue to channel water away from your home through your downspout and you don’t have to worry about them becoming clogged.
  • Minimal need for gutter cleaning – Leaf guards help you avoid needing to regularly clean your gutters. We may need to come out occasionally to adjust them, but not nearly as frequently as we need to clean unguarded gutters.
  • Improved look – The nicer leaf guard systems available, like our Leaf Sentry products, come in numerous styles to fit your home’s exterior.

Get Leaf Guards this Fall!

The team at Ace Gutter can answer all of your questions about leaf guards. Just give us a call at (801) 676-1048 or fill out our secure online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have questions or already know exactly what guards you want, let us know! Our leaf guard installation team is standing by to help you solve your gutter problems once and for all. And if you get your leaf guards installed soon, you can possibly avoid needing to clean your gutters at all this fall.