Tips to Prepare Your Gutters for Fall

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Tips to prepare your gutters for fall

Fall is one of the most delightful seasons of the year. When we think of fall, we think of football, apple cider, cool evenings, and fun holidays. But that’s not all. We also think about the list of chores that need doing in preparation for the harsher weather. One of the most important chores on that list is taking care of your rain gutters. So here are some tips to prep your gutters for fall. 

Trim Away Branches

Fall provides welcome relief from summer’s long hot days. Yet with the cooler weather, there is always more rain, more wind, and more storms. Before even looking at your gutters, look closely at all of the nearby trees and their branches. Plantlife flourishes in the spring and summer, and oftentimes trees can grow uncomfortably close to your home during these seasons. If any branches get too close to your gutters, trim them away. Otherwise, the next storm could bring down a lot more than a few dead leaves.

Clean and Inspect Your Gutters

Trimming away any nearby branches will help prevent your gutters from getting torn off your home. But for your gutters to function properly, you need to clean and inspect them. If your rain gutters get clogged or damaged, they won’t be able to channel water safely away from your home like they are supposed to. If this happens, everything from your siding to your foundation is at risk. 

Preventing gutter failure can be unpleasant. It means hauling out the ladder and clearing out any dirt, leaves, or other debris you find in the gutters. Once this is done, you need to equip your hose with a nozzle and flush out anything that’s left. 

While the water is running through your gutters, do a close inspection of your gutter system. Make sure your downspouts are all working properly and there are no leaks anywhere along your gutter’s seams. Pay close attention to the elbow joints in the downspout, this is where clogs usually occur. If the downspout isn’t connecting to the rest of the gutter system as it should, you may need to drill a few holes in the pieces and connect them using a small screw. And if the seams are leaky, you’ll need to use a special sealant to correct this

If you don’t feel safe on your roof, or alongside it on a ladder, hire a professional to help you out. 

Invest in Gutter Guards

Even if you do feel perfectly safe on a ladder cleaning your gutters, it doesn’t mean you have the time to do it. However, this is not a chore you can afford to skip. Water damage is expensive to repair, and if left unchecked can lead to serious health hazards like mold

In addition to hiring a professional to clean your gutters, you can also hire one to install a leaf guard system. Our final tip to prep your gutters for fall is to look into leaf guards. Leaf guards, or gutter guards, go a long way towards preventing clogs from forming in the first place. They do this by not allowing the leaves, dirt, and debris that cause them into your gutters. If you dread cleaning your gutters twice a year, this is the best solution.

Prepare Your Gutters for Fall – Call a Pro

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