8 Signs It’s Time to Call Gutter Specialists

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As experienced gutter cleaning specialists, we’ve observed that most homeowners in Utah tend to underestimate the importance of their home’s gutters. In fact, the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” applies perfectly here. It’s easy for your home gutters to be completely forgotten about until a grave problem arises. 

But should you wait to hire gutter cleaning services until your gutter system gives way? Wouldn’t you feel a lot better by taking timely gutter cleaning steps, thereby avoiding complex and costly repairs later on? Of course, you would!

If you don’t know about the tell-tale signs of a failing gutter system, this is where you’ll find your answers. Mentioned ahead are a few common instances that tell you it’s time to bring in reliable gutter specialists.

1. Your Gutter Overflows When It Rains

One of the main signs that your gutter system needs professional gutter cleaning is that it starts overflowing with water when it rains. 

Dirt, leaves, and other debris from your roof can enter your home’s gutters, leaving them clogged. This means lowered gutter efficiency, which can prevent excess water from escaping. As a result, rainwater continues to accumulate in your gutters, and it eventually overflows.

Don’t let this happen to your gutters. To avoid damage to your home’s gutter system and the foundation, hire dependable rain gutter specialists to clean and unclog it from time to time. 

2. You Have Soil Erosion Issues in Your Yard

Your yard could be in serious trouble if your gutter system fails to do its job and water starts to overflow into your lawn. 

Yard soil that’s been in contact with water for prolonged periods can begin to erode and move away from your house’s foundation. 

Further, erosion can occur around the entryway of your downspouts if they’re not set up properly. This, in turn, can completely damage the landscaping in your yard. 

Nip the problem in the bud by engaging gutter cleaning specialists and have them clean your gutters before they choke up and result in related issues like soil erosion in your lawn.

3. Your Gutters Are Sagging

Leaves, debris, and rainwater can collect in your home’s gutters over a period of time. When this gets too much, your gutters can start to sag owing to the increasing weight. This may necessitate expensive repairs and replacement if left unchecked

It’s always better to make note of any sagging in your gutter system and incur a small gutter cleaning cost instead of spending big on costly mending and replacements in future. Also, call your trusty gutter cleaning specialists as soon as you notice any section of your gutter system coming detached in any way.

4. You’re Seeing Stains and Mildew on Your Gutters

Any stain or mildew appearing on the sides of your gutters could mean that there’s standing water in your gutter system. This usually needs immediate and thorough gutter cleaning. 

Also, you don’t want to end up paying a huge sum of money to repair and replace the fascia boards behind your gutters just because the water isn’t flowing through properly. This can put your home’s foundation at risk. In such a case, engage a reputed gutter cleaning company and have them examine and clean out your home’s gutters.

5. Your Gutter System Is Dated

The age of your gutter system can have a huge impact on its performance. So, if it is old or outdated, you’ll probably experience frequent drainage problems. 

Old gutter systems that are made from aluminum can develop dents and damage from exposure to harsh weather or other elements over time. It is best to have your outdated gutter system replaced once and for all to eliminate the chances of related issues. 

If you’ve recently replaced your gutter system with a new model, do have it checked out by professional gutter cleaning specialists to keep any impending issue at bay.

6. Water Gathers Near Your Home’s Foundation

Do you often find a pool of standing water around your house’s foundation? If yes, you’ll need to act fast as this can cause serious damage. 

Your home’s foundation is what anchors it to the ground and prevents moisture from seeping indoors. A clogged or malfunctioning gutter system can result in immense damage to the base of your home. The water can flow from the sides of your gutters and fall below the roof eaves. If it keeps accumulating there, it can compromise your foundation. 

Also, a huge amount of standing water can penetrate the ground, reaching the soil and causing it to expand. This expansion can add pressure to the walls of the foundation, which can be hazardous in the winters when the foundation gets wet and freezes. The continuous freezing and unfreezing of the water can result in cracks in the foundation. 

A well-functioning gutter system, on the other hand, will work hard to funnel water away from your home so such a situation doesn’t arise to begin with.

If you notice water gathering near your home’s foundation, make sure you hire gutter cleaning services specialist to have this issue sorted at the earliest.

7. There’s Plant Growth in Your Gutter

If you notice plants, grass, or wild flowers emerging from your gutters, you need to give the professionals a call. 

Sometimes, dirt from your roof can keep entering and settling in your home’s gutters. Couple that with the typical moist conditions in gutters, and you have the ideal environment for the growth of weeds, grass and more. 

Further, when plant seeds get blown into your gutter on a windy day, you’ll likely witness plant growth therein soon.

This issue is completely avoidable with the help of experienced gutter cleaning specialists. So, don’t hesitate to get them on the job if you experience this problem.

8. Birds and Critters Have Made Your Gutter Their Home

While it’s perfectly normal to occasionally find tiny bugs and insects habituating your gutters, you need to start worrying if you see critters such as mice and squirrels living in them. 

Rodents end up living in gutters as the leaves and debris make for a comfortable home that keeps them safe from large predators. However, having them in your gutters is a clear sign that a thorough gutter cleaning is in order.  

Not just critters, even birds like to build their nests in a safe and wind-free environment that your gutter can provide. If you see them nesting among the piled-up debris in your gutters, engage expert gutter cleaning services immediately to rectify the situation.

Call the Gutter Specialists at Ace Gutter for Reliable Gutter Cleaning Services

A clean and well-functioning gutter system can help prevent water damage to your home. Gutter cleaning is often ignored, which allows leaves and debris to get washed in and clog them. This is where the problem begins because water accumulation can lead to sagging gutters, plant growth, and so on.  

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs in your gutter system, you’ll be better off calling a proven Utah gutter installation and repair company like Ace Gutter, Inc. We can help clean, repair, maintain, and even upgrade your gutters to a more effective model. Contact us to know more about our professional gutter cleaning services.