How Rain Gutters Prevent Foundation Damage

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Utah may not be known as the wettest part of the country, but we certainly get rain, snow, and freezing temperatures. What many homeowners do not realize is that the water that falls on your roof can actually cause damage to your foundation. That’s right – as strong as your foundation is, it is still vulnerable to damage caused by excess water. Every home needs rain gutters to channel this water away from the home. Without them, damage is likely, including foundation cracking. 

3 Ways Gutters Stop Foundation Damage

1. Infiltration Prevention

As water flows off of your roof and to the ground, it will naturally travel down the easiest path. In many cases, the easiest path is the gap between the soil and your foundation. The more water that flows down into the crack, the more saturated the ground becomes. Saturated ground can put up to 5,500 lbs. per sq ft of pressure on the foundation. As it presses against the foundation with so much force, the foundation can crack. But if you have properly maintained gutters, that water flows away from your home. 

2. Compaction Prevention

Most soil is made up of clay, silt, and rock. If the area directly around your foundation becomes saturated, it can cause the soil to settle. The clay can expand and the silt can travel away with the water. Once the silt disappears, it can leave gaps that cause settling and shifting. The soil under your foundation can sag away and cause the foundation to crack. Gutters help you to avoid this problem.

3. Pooling Water Prevention

If you allow water to pour off of your roof and directly around your home, you may wind up with standing pools of water. Standing water can cause mold and rot. It can also draw pests to your home. This is another reason why gutters are necessary – they keep the water from collecting on the soil surface near your home. 

Gutters Require Maintenance to Function Properly

Most homes already have gutters – but you can’t just assume that those gutters will do their job right. If they become clogged or damaged, they can still fail to redirect water. You have probably seen a clogged gutter before in the rain. The gutter overflows and water pours right down the side of the house. If your gutters are installed properly but you notice water spilling over the gutters, chances are they are clogged. Check out our gutter cleaning services here.

You should perform periodic maintenance on your gutters to keep them working correctly. Our Utah gutter teams are located in Sandy, Provo, and Layton – which means we can get to your home easily when you need us. We offer affordable gutter maintenance plans that will give you peace of mind. As long as you are part of our program, you can rest assured that we will make certain your gutters are clean and operational. 

Let Us Help You Prevent Foundation Damage

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