How to Identify the Main Causes of Gutter Clogging in Your Utah Home?

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It is a common misconception among homeowners that dry weather cannot cause any water-related damage to their houses. However, this is far from the truth. Even in Utah, the second driest state in the US with an average annual precipitation of 13 inches, homeowners may notice water on their walls, floors or in their basements during dry weather. Ignoring this seemingly harmless issue can lead to lasting damage.

In most cases, the culprit is right outside. No, it’s not your roof, siding, or walls. It is CLOGGED GUTTERS.

That’s right! 

If you don’t stop gutter clogging, you can’t stop this water damage. 

Fortunately, you can prevent this problem with a few easy steps. And as a leading gutter cleaning service in Utah, we know more than a thing or two about keeping your gutters clean. 

Let’s take a look at how to stop gutter clogging. 

What Are the Signs Your Gutters Are Clogged?

Rain gutters can get clogged for different reasons. The question is, how do you identify if your gutters are getting clogged? 

Here are a few signs you can look out for:

1. Overflowing Water 

When functional, your gutters will guide rainwater toward the downspout and away from your property. But damaged gutters won’t. If you notice water overflowing from the edges of your rain gutters, it is probably due to debris accumulation. The debris of leaves, pine cones, twigs, and dirt, obstructs proper water flow. It’s an early sign of a clogged rain gutter system.

2. Sagging and Collapsing 

This is another early sign of clogged and damaged gutters. The accumulating debris can weigh down your gutters, eventually causing them to sag, collapse, or pull away from your roof. It is more likely to happen if your rain gutters are old and already in bad shape.

3. Rust and Decay 

Rust and decay on the exterior of your home are warning signs of damaged and clogged gutters. Trapped or overflowing water inside your gutters will further aggravate this problem. But when caught early, you can stop these issues and stop gutter clogging. 

4. Mold and Mildew Spots

The trapped and overflowing water also contributes to the growth of mold and mildew. But unlike rust, mold, and mildew are far from harmless. Molds have the potential to cause health problems. They produce allergens, irritants, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances called mycotoxins. If you see mold and mildew, take the necessary steps immediately. 

5. Stained Siding

Damaged and clogged gutters may not necessarily be the reason behind the stained siding. But clogged gutters can worsen this problem. If you see stained siding, you would want to call in a gutter cleaning service in Utah.

6. Plant Growth

Clogged gutters can be a breeding ground for plant growth, especially if you have trees close to the side of your house. The pesky seeds falling off the trees will get trapped in the debris in your gutters. Their roots can eventually damage your siding and wall. That’s why you need professional gutter-clogging solutions. It can save you from all this hassle.

Why Are Your Rain Gutters Clogged and How to Stop Gutter Clogging?

The first step is, of course, investigating the reasons behind your gutter clogging. These reasons may vary depending on your location, the age of your property, and a few other factors. However, the most common of them include:

1. Improper Design or Installation 

One of the foremost causes behind clogged gutters can be improper design or installation. It is possible that your gutter system didn’t get installed appropriately for your roof pitch and the orientation of your house. Or it may be too small to handle the rainwater flow. It can happen if you or the previous owner had DIYed the gutter installation or your rain gutter contractor failed to do a good job. 

In such cases, the only way to stop gutter clogging is to get it re-installed or replaced. Find a trusted and experienced installation and gutter cleaning service in Utah, like Ace Gutter Inc., and get it re-installed or replaced.

2. Damaged or Missing Gutter Guards 

As a homeowner, you probably know that leaves, twigs, pine needles, etc., can cause frequent rain gutter clogging. Mostly, old rain gutters may not have gutter guards, which can prevent this debris from entering your gutters. It can stop gutter clogging. 

If your gutters are missing leaf guards or the leaf guards are damaged, get them replaced immediately. Properly installed leaf guards will allow the water in and keep the debris out, helping you prevent clogging.

3. An Outdated or Age-Old Gutter System 

Rain gutters can last around 20-25 years. However, your rain gutter system could be outdated or damaged beyond repair, especially if you live in an old house or building. Older gutter systems can develop problems such as rust and corrosion, resulting in clogging or leakage. Either way, you will have serious water damage on your hands. 

It’s best to replace your old gutters with new ones immediately. Hire a seasoned gutter contractor to ensure proper and timely installation. And in the future, work with a gutter cleaning service in Utah to prevent potential clogs. 

4. Delayed Repairs

Most homeowners don’t notice clogged or damaged gutters until it is too late. A stained siding or plant growth will probably alert you to this problem. This could be due to delayed repairs, which result in extensive damage. If you haven’t checked them in a while, hire a gutter contractor to get them repaired right away.

5. Lack of Regular Gutter Cleaning

Like most homeowners, your spring cleaning may have involved cleaning your rain gutters. But simply removing dirt and debris isn’t enough. You may need an experienced professional gutter cleaning service in Utah to handle this task. 

Pros like Ace Gutter Inc. will thoroughly clean and inspect your gutters and downspouts. This allows you to fix damaged parts before the harsh weather hits Utah. Experts recommend professional gutter cleaning in Utah 

at least twice a year.

In Conclusion

As you can see, clogged gutters can lead to stained sidings, water damage, mold, mildew, and several other problems. You can prevent all this with proper installation and regular gutter cleaning. But cleaning your rain gutters is hardly a rewarding job. It can be even riskier than you can imagine. So, why not leave it to the pros? 

Don’t spend your weekends cleaning gutters. Let us take care of it. The specialists at Ace Gutter Inc. will make your rain gutters and downspouts spotless.  Contact us today to get your free quote!