DIY Rain Gutter Installation May Not Be a Good Idea: Here’s Why

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Rain gutters usually remain out of plain sight, so they’re easy to forget about. But, they’re one of the most important components of your home.

Gutters not only protect the foundation of your house, but also save your roof from water damage and your yard from erosion.

It’s easy to see why you need to keep your rain gutter systems in good shape. Ensuring proper rain gutter installation is fundamental to this. After all, you want the system to work well and last long!

Many homeowners fall for what they see on home improvement shows or YouTube videos, and assume that DIY rain gutter installation will save them money and time. However, things may not always go as planned because this job takes a lot of hard work and experience. In fact, a DIY job might cost you more in the long-term than hiring a professional.

Here are a few solid reasons why DIY rain gutter installation is not recommended.

1. Many Technicalities Are Involved

While a professional gutter installer can make it look easy, several technical considerations go into rain gutter installation. Unless you’ve performed a successful DIY gutter installation before, it’ll be impossible for you to know about these factors.

  1. Choosing the right gutter size: Did you know that rain gutters come in a variety of sizes? The larger ones can hold more water, but they can easily pull away from your house because of their weight. Smaller gutters, on the other hand, may stay attached, but can overflow if there’s too much rain. Only a professional can help you determine a size that’s suitable for your house’s needs.
  2. Pitching correctly: Pitching rain gutters correctly is super important. However, you need to strike a balance between getting this right and maintaining your curb appeal. Improper pitching can mean overflowing water, which can compromise your house’s foundation. It can also make your home appear askew, hampering its curb appeal.
  3. Space between gutter hangers: Getting the spacing of rain gutters right is crucial. Incorrect spacing that’s too far apart can cause your rain gutter system to slump and pull away from the house. At the same time, using too many gutter hangers will be a waste of your money.  
  4. Sealing the gutter seams: Here, you’ll need to consider factors such as moisture levels and the condition of the gutter. In the long term, sealing the seams may be problematic in terms of leaks and separation. It might be better to go with seamless gutters.

In addition, if you plan to add gutter covers, you’ll need a whole new skillset to ace the job. You should also be aware about some of the soffit and fascia complications that can arise during rain gutter installation, especially if your system isn’t cleaned at regular intervals.

This may cause an improper division of water, causing the soffit and fascia to rot. Depending on the extent of the rot, they may need to be treated for mold or completely replaced. Ignoring these problems may lead to bigger issues moving forward. Also, you won’t be able to install new rain gutters until these problems have been addressed.

2. Correcting Mistakes Can Be Costly

One of the main reasons why homeowners shy away from hiring rain gutter installation experts is the cost. However, you also need to consider the likelihood of spending more when you try DIY installation, which is incredibly high. This may happen for numerous reasons.

While professional installation will cost you more initially, it might turn out cost-effective in the long term. That’s because the pros will do a reliable job that requires few to no repairs in the years to come, saving you money.

Moreover, the material cost associated with rain gutter installation usually turns out lower when purchased in bulk. The professionals will know exactly which materials to buy from the right vendors who don’t compromise on quality. This means that you’ll actually get a high-quality job done at a lower price for the materials used than buying them yourself at the hardware store.

Also, every house is different and has its own unique needs. A professionals can correctly identify these needs and offer materials and services that suit your home’s uniqueness. By going for DIY rain gutter installation, you might end up buying the wrong materials or spend more on them. In fact, most professional installers already have the right parts in stock, which can automatically lower your overall costs.

Rectifying rain gutter installation mistakes can prove to be an expensive affair. For example, if you accidentally mishandle the system during the installation, your rain gutters can bend or sag. This means increased costs as you’ll have to repurchase materials for replacement. But if a professional makes a mistake during installation, they’re liable for the associated added costs. You need not worry about any unexpected expenses.

3. It May Not Be Safe

Ensuring your personal safety is of paramount importance during rain gutter installation. Even a minor error can have potentially fatal consequences. You’ll have to consider several safety concerns, especially because a DIY job will require you to climb tall ladders and work at a height.

A fall can lead to concussions, broken bones and/or teeth, joint dislocations, and even death. However, professionals are trained and experienced in following ladder safety, and will be insured to protect you from any legal and/or financial repercussions in case of a mishap while working on your property.

Additionally, installing rain gutters entails the use of several tools – from the common ones to the more advanced variety. You’ll have to use hacksaws, tin snips, downspout crimpers, and other tools that are both heavy and sharp. It is highly unlikely that you’ll be aware of most of these specialized tools, even if you’re a seasoned DIYer. This can be risky as incorrect or improper use of the tools can lead to severe injuries.  

By entrusting this job to a professional, you’ll spare yourself the above risks. They’ll know exactly how to climb ladders, which tools to use and how, and what safety gear to wear during rain gutter installation.

In Conclusion

Like most homeowners, you probably never think about your rain gutter system until there’s a problem with it. But maintaining it is important. Damaged gutters can mean water damage, roof damage, pest issues, and other problems that can affect your home’s structural integrity.

Many people try DIY rain gutter installation or replacement to save money, but that may prove to be disastrous. This job is complex and should ideally be handled by the professionals. By performing a DIY, you might actually end up further damaging your rain gutters or seriously injuring yourself. As a result, you’ll have to spend a lot more money than you wanted to.

Ace Gutter, Inc. has licensed professionals who will help you complete the job in a quick and safe manner. From rain gutter installation and cleaning to repair and replacement, we do it all. Call us at (801) 676-1048 today for dependable rain gutter installation or book a free bid here.