How Rain Gutters Protect Gardens

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Rain gutters protect gardens

Spring is once again in the air, which means a lot of people are back outside in their gardens. But if you aren’t careful to protect your garden and flower beds, all of your hard work can lead to nothing. Heavy rain can wash all of it away. Fortunately, rain gutters protect gardens – which is why we recommend keeping your gutters in good working order year-round. 

Are You Gardening Right Now? You Aren’t Alone

Gardening has always been popular, but it has never been as popular as it is now. This is largely due to the pandemic. People everywhere have taken up gardening projects to help pass the time during the long hours of isolation we’ve endured over the past year. Planting and managing a garden can be a lot of work. But the hobby is well known for its stress-reducing qualities and health benefits. Not to mention the sense of accomplishment you feel once those beautiful flowers begin to bloom. 

Too Much Rain is Bad for your Garden

It may seem counter-intuitive, but too much water can be just as bad for a flower bed as not enough. Whether you live in a relatively dry or wet area, the sudden deluge created by a rain storm can be lethal to your plants. This is especially true for rainwater that runs off your roof or gutters. The high volume of water coming off your roof can wash away soil, uproot flowers, and completely flood your garden. To keep this from happening, you must redirect it properly.

Why your Rain Gutters are Important

Most people understand that you need rain gutters to protect the foundation of your home. But did you realize that they do this by preventing soil erosion? As well as all of the other problems mentioned above? By redirecting the flow of water off your roof and into a drainage system, your rain gutters act as both your home and flowerbed’s savior.

Additionally, rain gutters can be used to channel water into barrels for collection. Instead of turning on your hose and running up your water bill, you can water your garden for free by collecting rain and storing it in a barrell. According to the EPA, collecting rainwater can save you as much as 1,300 gallons of water usage during the summer months. On average, this is about $35 off of your monthly water bill, and even more in drier parts of the country.

Maintain Your Rain Gutters

Simply having rain gutters isn’t enough to benefit from them. In order to protect your home and garden bed, they must be in good working order. Sticks, leaves, dirt, and other debris that can clog your gutters need to be removed if they are to channel water as intended. Sometimes rain gutters also need to be repaired. If there are leaks, they need to be fixed. If there is warping and sagging your gutters might need replacing. And if you have no rain gutters at all, then you should seriously consider getting some!

Let Us Help You Protect Your Flower Beds

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