Advantages of Working with Ace Gutter in the Heart of the Mountain West

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Would you like to embark on a rewarding journey with Ace Gutter, Utah’s premier leading company in the gutter industry?

In the picturesque backdrop of Utah mountains, Ace Gutter offers more than just a job – we give you a thriving career. 

In this post, you’ll discover the benefits of working at Ace Gutter, where our commitment to excellence is reflected in our gutter cleaning services across the Mountain West region. 

Based on this, feel free to join our skilled gutter installer team and delve into the advantages of working in the heart of Utah. 

Here’s one of the many things we focus on – employee training at Ace Gutter. After all, we aim to foster a culture that values every team member. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to build your career in gutter installations with Ace Gutter Inc., where professionalism meets panoramic views.

Ace Gutter, Utah.: Your Preferred Employer

Are you a rain gutter professional seeking the perfect employer? Look no further than Ace Gutter, Inc. We’re the premier provider of top-notch rain gutter installations in the scenic landscapes of Salt Lake, Utah, and Davis County. 

When you join Ace Gutter company, you’re making a commitment to excellence with generous perks. You can earn $50K annually at performance standard, with opportunities for even more if you excel.

Ace Gutter employees can also enjoy other benefits offered by Ace Gutter, including paid time off, health insurance, 401k, and a quarterly performance bonus. 

Plus, who wouldn’t want to navigate the Utah mountains with a company vehicle? You get the chance to thrive in the beautiful Mountain West region.

As mentioned, employee training is a crucial aspect of working with us. When you join our gutter installer team, you’ll receive comprehensive employee training, ensuring you become a vital part of the success behind the leading gutter cleaning services in Utah. 

Why Work with Ace Gutter?

Ace Gutter Inc., nestled in the picturesque Utah mountains of the Mountain West region, beckons aspiring rain gutter installers with an exceptional work environment. What distinguishes us are the unique benefits that come with being a part of the Ace Gutter family.

Did you know that Ace Gutter employees get to be their own boss. How? You get to set flexible schedules that accommodate both professional and personal commitments. This flexibility allows employees to strike a seamless work-life balance. For instance, you can choose to dedicate extended hours on weekends so you can potentially wrap up by 3 PM on weekdays to pick up your kids.

In addition to the intrinsic advantages of working in Utah, our rain gutter company provides long-term job security, underscoring our commitment to your career journey. After a mere three months, employees enjoy perks like paid vacation and access to health insurance. The 401K plan is also open for contributions after this initial period, emphasizing our dedication to your financial well-being.

Ace Gutter’s culture revolves around supporting our dedicated team of installers. For this, we offer comprehensive employee training programs and a commitment to fostering a thriving work environment. 

What’s It Like Being an Ace Gutter Employee?

Are you ready to embark on a career that combines precision, teamwork, and the picturesque landscapes of Utah’s mountains? 

At Ace Gutter, being a gutter installer is not just a job; it’s a meticulous craft that involves inspecting, repairing, and installing rain gutters. 

This role demands attention to detail, teamwork, and a sharp presence of mind. If you enjoy interacting with people and are not afraid to climb onto roofs, this might be the perfect career for you.

Core Responsibilities: Beyond the Basics

Ace Gutter has outlined key responsibilities that go beyond the traditional scope of a gutter installer’s role. Let’s explore the core duties that make Ace Gutter stand out:

1. Attendance & Coordination

Timeliness is a crucial part of the Ace Gutter culture. You’ll be required to attend daily job sites punctually and actively participate in weekly huddles to celebrate wins, share work tips, address concerns, and stay updated on safety topics.

2. Safety First

We understand the importance of prioritizing safety at all times. You’ll do well to participate in safety training, adhere to safety rules, promptly report hazards and injuries, and contribute suggestions for enhancing the company’s safety policies.

3. Production and Implementation

As an Ace Gutter employee, you will be expected to execute assigned work orders with precision, ensuring timely completion without rework or callbacks. It’s important to maintain a positive attitude, deliver quality workmanship, and take pride in your contributions.

4. Communication Skills

You will need to foster constant communication with homeowners and account managers, ensuring real-time information flow to better serve clients.

5. CRM Management

Another requirement from this role is to keep accurate records and update tasks within the CRM regularly, reporting project statuses to supervisors for current and transparent records.

6. Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance

All Ace Gutter employees should know how to operate and maintain work vehicles and equipment efficiently. Remember, weekly documentation through motor vehicle reports ensures timely maintenance.

7. Timecards Reporting

Every employee is required to utilize the payroll software for accurate time tracking. Weekly Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are to be reported to the Tree Foreman.

8. Product Knowledge

You’ll need to develop a strong understanding of Ace Gutter’s products and services to provide clients with appropriate, value-added solutions.

9. Continuous Improvement

Ready to embrace a mindset of continuous improvement? If yes, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to enhance efficiency, eliminate redundancies, and improve methods.

The Ace Gutter Advantage in Utah

Working at Ace Gutter in Utah goes beyond the job description. Here are some distinct advantages that come with being part of the Ace Gutter family in the scenic Mountain West region:

Utah’s Breathtaking Landscapes: Enjoy the stunning views of the Utah mountains while working on challenging, yet rewarding projects.

Ace Gutter Culture: Experience a positive and collaborative culture that values its employees and encourages growth.

Employee Training: Benefit from comprehensive training programs designed to equip you with the skills needed to excel in your role.

Gutter Cleaning in Utah: Contribute to maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of gutters in Utah, ensuring satisfied customers and a positive impact on the community.


Working as a gutter installer is not just a job – it’s an opportunity to thrive in a dynamic environment, surrounded by the natural beauty of mountains in Utah. You can make the most of it by embracing your responsibilities, enjoying the Ace Gutter advantages, and becoming part of a culture that values excellence. Interested? Call (801) 676-1048 or apply for the positions online.