Why Should You Have Your Installation Done By A Utah Rain Gutter Specialist?

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When was the last time you checked your Utah gutters or had a rain gutter replacement? No matter what style of home you have, it is necessary that your rain gutter system is always maintained. Why, you ask? Because Utah’s rain, snow, and ice conditions can cause serious damage to your home.

For every style of the house, there is a custom rain gutter designed according to the house’s architecture. Knowing the right style or material that you require for your rain gutter system is essential. Since it is a vital decision to make, let rain gutter specialists handle this for you.

Ask A Rain Gutter Specialist To Have A Look

Doing it yourself means that there is a good chance something might go wrong. Often, a do-it-yourself approach leads to multiple trips to the local hardware store for tools you don’t use very often, not to mention parts you didn’t you you needed. You might then end up spending extra amounts for rain gutter replacement or repairs. If you’re not careful, your mistakes can result in roof damage, siding damage, foundation damage, and many others. Choose a reliable and custom rain gutter system to protect your house.

Look Out For These Issues Or You Might Need A Rain Gutter Replacement

Here are a few common issues that you should look out for when checking your rain gutter system.


Gutter clogging can prevent the rainwater from flowing, eventually causing damages. Here is how you can check whether the drainage system is clogged or not:

  • Is there a leak in your gutter?
  • Having rain overflows your gutter every time?
  • Are there any watermarks from the stagnant rainwater?

It is fairly common for rain gutters and downspouts to get clogged from twigs, leaves, or other debris. This causes watermarks on the walls, but it even causes rain gutter to rust, deteriorating them from the inside. Clear or remove the downspout strainer, or you could put a nozzle on you hose to add extra pressure when you unclog the downspout.


To keep your gutter installation intact, gutter hangers are used for support. However, with rust or old-age, your hangers can cause your whole drain structure to collapse. With all the weight of the gutters and additional weight of rainwater, sagging gutter hangers can fall apart pretty soon.

Fix them before it is too late. Have a rain gutter specialist take a look at your sagging issues. Here is how you can figure out if the gutter hangers require replacement:

  • Are all of your rain gutter hangers made up of the same material?
  • Are all the gutter hangers put correctly, or is there any missing gutter hanger?
  • Is the spacing between the gutter hangers based according to your weather? Mild weather requires a spacing of 36 inches, whereas rainy weather requires 18 inches.
  • Are the hangers inclined one inch after every sixteen inches?
  • Does the water overflow?
  • Does the highest point of the structure inclined downwards?
  • Do the hangers look rusty or loosened? Does your garden overflow with rainwater?


With time having no maintenance can cause leak, holes, or gaps in your custom rain gutter system. It can damage the roof, walls, floor, and cause risky slippery spots on the floor. Stagnant water, sunlight, and debris can rust your gutters, causing them to rupture. Spot leaky gutters instantly:

  • Are your gutter joints rusty?
  • Can you spot any leaks in your installation? If yes, how many?
  • Have you noticed any spots where water pools up?
  • Are the gutter hangers rusty or lose?
  • Does the paint along the gutter installation look cracked?

Broken Gutters And Downspouts

Having broken gutter or downspout is spotted, you need to call rain gutter specialists like Ace Gutter. Having broken gutters can cause the whole structure to fall apart, whereas a broken downspout can cause water to go in the wrong direction. Experts can examine their state and suggest a proper course of action accordingly.