What’s the Best Leaf Guard Right Now?

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Leaf Guards for Gutter Cleaning

There aren’t many people out there who enjoy cleaning gutters. It’s wet, dirty work, and nobody likes getting wet and dirty if they can help it. Leaf guards can help you avoid gutter cleaning. They keep the debris and leaves out and let the water through, which is ideal. But what is the best leaf guard? Here is our favorite.

The Best Leaf Guard – Our Top Choice

We offer several different types of leaf guards, including Bulldog and Leaf Blaster Pro. But our favorite leaf guard is Leaf Sentry. Some of the reasons we love Leaf Sentry include:

1. Most effective clog-preventing design available right now.

When you want the best leaf guard available right now, Leaf Sentry is the go-to choice. The innovative nose-forward design of the Leaf Sentry is extremely effective at preventing clogs. The nose extends over the opening of the gutter so that debris tends to shed off of the nose and to the ground. The design makes it difficult for debris to ever reach the opening where the water flows through.

2. Uses surface tension to channel water into the gutter.

While the nose extends over the opening of the gutter, the design makes it where water naturally flows along the surface and down into the water channel. It does this by utilizing surface tension. As the water flows over the flat part of the gutter guard, it maintains surface tension. And as the water reaches the curved nose of the gutter, it continues to adhere to the surface of the material all the way down into the water channel.

3. Backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Our other leaf guards carry warranties, but none of them is as good as the lifetime warranty on the Leaf Sentry. The manufacturer guarantees this product for a full lifetime. We install it once and then you can expect it to work correctly for the rest of your life. And if something does go wrong with the product, you can rely on Leaf Sentry to put things right.

Even the Best Leaf Guards Need Expert Installation

We believe that Leaf Sentry is the best gutter guard out there. But even the best guards are only as good as the installation. That’s where we come in. Our gutter guard experts are certified to install Leaf Sentry products so we know how to do things right. Once we know what color you want, we can order the correct product and install it efficiently and cost-effectively.

If you would like to know more about Leaf Sentry or other leaf guards, please give us a call. You can reach us at (801) 676-1048 or fill out our secure online contact form to get in touch. Contact us now to learn more!