The Need for Heat Tape in Utah

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The need for heat tape in utah

Getting ready for a season of freezing temperatures and heavy snow can be daunting. But now that winter is on our doorstep, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of preparations you need to make to protect your home. In a state like Utah, these preparations will vary depending on where you live. That’s why we’re going to explain how to best utilize heat tape in Utah.

What is Heat Tape

Heat tape is basically an electrical cord with an extra layer of insulation around it. Unlike other electrical cords, heat tape has a thermostat built into it. This is because heat tape is designed to get hot when the temperature outside drops below a certain point. Heat tape has been around for a while and is used as an effective solution for a variety of problems.

Some people use it to wrap around exposed or uninsulated pipes to keep them from freezing. You may encounter this in a crawl space, or on a mobile home. It’s a cheap way to prevent costly flooding from a burst pipe. However, this isn’t the only use. Heat tape also plays a critical role in keeping your roof safe by preventing ice dams. 

Ice Dams

If you live on the East Bench or in higher elevations in Wasatch County, Summit County, or Park City areas, then you are seeing snowstorms that drop more than six inches at a time. When you get this much snow, you should be worried about ice dams forming on the edge of your rain gutters.

Ice dams form when the warmer air inside of a home melts the snow resting directly on the roof. When the ice melts, it turns to water and begins to run down the roof and onto the rain gutter system. The problem begins when that running water escapes the warmth of the roof. Once that happens, it immediately refreezes on the cold gutter creating a large blockage of ice in the process. This blockage is referred to as an ice dam.

Ice dams can spell big trouble. For starters, they can grow so large and so heavy as to rip your gutters right off the roof. And as bad as that is, it’s not the worst thing they can do. Once the dam forms, the warm water running off the roof has nowhere to go. When this happens it ends up seeping back into the roof itself, damaging the wood and jeopardizing the integrity of your home. Neither of these problems is cheap or easy to fix once they happen.

Heat Tape in Utah Prevents Ice Dams

The good news is that ice dams are easily avoided with the use of heat tape in Utah. Properly arranged heat tape along your roof and gutter will create a network of channels for the warm water to safely drain properly. But do not leave this job to just anyone. It isn’t as simple as it looks, each home is different and so are their roofs and gutter systems. Furthermore, scrambling around on your roof can be dangerous without the right training or equipment. 

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