Rain Chain Gutter Attachment: Purpose And Installation Steps

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Rain Chain Gutter Attachment: Purpose And Installation Steps

Rain is usually counted as a blessing here in Utah, but it does cause issues like gutter and downspout management. If you do not regularly maintain your rain gutters, there can be issues like clogs, sagging, misaligned downspouts, and leaks. If the issues are not resolved with time, you might have a huge bill on your hands.

What Are Rain Chains?

Rain chains were invented in Japan centuries ago. They  are a fun way to transform your downspout into something beautiful. The trend has reached the USA now, and people are expressing new creative ideas regarding the rain chains.

Rain Chain Purpose And Types

While some rain chains feature an actual chain, others might have cups or bells bringing the water from the rain drain to the ground. They bring up the aesthetics of your house, but they are also a treat to listen to. Beware you pick a basic one or go all fancy, ensure that you know what you are doing.

Rain chains come in many attractive designs and finishes, including copper, which can offer a beautifully weathered look when patina develops. We also cannot forget the harmonious sound it can create during the drizzle or mild rain.

How to Install A Rain Chain Gutter Attachment

Installing a rain chain is not much work. However, if you are not comfortable working yourself, you can also ask a professional for help. Let’s dive in to see how you can install a rain chain gutter attachment yourself.

To have your rain chain work effectively, your house needs to have an overhang of three feet at a minimum.

  1. Find the best spot for your rain chain. Look for the spots where the downspout can lead the rainwater to a landscaped area, barrel, or anywhere away from the foundation.
  2. If you live somewhere with strong winds or heavy rainfalls, it is best to install backup downspouts. Rain chains alone won’t be able to handle heavy water flow. If you think you do not need any backup, then go for a beautiful rain chain.
  3. Once you have found the perfect spot for your rain chain gutter attachment, cut the gutter opening. Use tin snips to turn gutter opening into a “hula skirt.”
  4. Take a V-hook and put it from the top of the rain gutter. You can even use a leaf filter over it if needed.
  5. Once you have inserted the v-hook bend, the hula skirt stripes towards the inside, so they secure the v-hook even further.
  6. Decide the length of the rain chain that you want. It should run from the top of your rain gutter to a place away from the foundation of your house.
  7. You can either run the chain to a tank or use rocks to create a lovely focal point. You can even lead it to a landscaped area. A drainage system below the rain chain, such as a buried drain or French drain, can be used to divert the water away.
  8. Since rough winds can be an enemy of your beautiful rain chain, make sure you anchor your chain at the bottom. Anchoring the chain can offer extra support against the bad weather conditions.

Final Thoughts

Rain chains not only add beauty to your garden but also they are an efficient way to break the water flow. Breaking the water flow prevents the water from spilling everywhere, and guides it properly towards a drain or rain barrel. With rain chains, you can even avoid garden erosion, keeping your yard looking beautiful.