Mapleton, Utah County Rain Gutter Repair Services

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Mapleton, Utah County Rain Gutter Repair Services

Ace Gutter serves the greater Utah County area and can come to your home to check out any roof gutter repair issue. In addition to gutter repair in the Mapleton area of Utah County, we also specialize in the following areas:

Rain gutter cleaning

Rain gutters are supposed to collect and channel water away from your house. But they won’t work if they’re full of leaves or other debris. Experts recommend cleaning rain gutters at least twice each year, and more often if you have tall trees near your Mapleton house. Ace Gutter will give you a free estimate on cleaning and will make sure your rain gutters are working properly. View Rain Gutters options

Downspout repair and cleaning

Downspouts can also cause damage if they’re clogged or broken. Our experts will run water through them and will ensure that they drain properly so you’re not surprised by flooding during the next storm.

Rain Chains

Rain chains are a beautiful alternative to downspouts, and will add a nice decorative touch to your Mapleton home. These can be made of copper, aluminum, and steel. You can see some examples that Ace Gutter offers here.

Gutter covers and filters

Ace Gutter offers several types of rain gutter covers and filters, which prevent leaves from ever entering rain gutters to begin with. These will save you time and money in the future and some of them come with a lifetime clog free guarantee. Call us today to see which gutter protection system is best for your Mapleton home. View gutter cover options
Ice Melt Systems

Mapleton can get several inches of snow during winter storms. When snow melts and then refreezes it can form ice dams, which direct water to the wrong places. Prevent this type of flooding and damage by installing an ice melt system on your roof. The experts at Ace Gutter can install a commercial grade heat cable in a zig zag pattern, which will protect your home from Utah Valley winters.

Cosmetic Home Improvement

If you’re interested in upgrading the look of your Mapleton home, see us about the following products:

Soffit and Fascia – Ace Gutter will install or repair soffit and fascia on your Mapleton home. We have a large selection made of wood, fiber cement, vinyl, and aluminum.

Crown Molding – adds a beautiful touch and is installed under the soffit and fascia.

Chimney Caps – can be made of copper, painted steel, or galvanized steel and protect your chimney from leaves, animals, and weather problems. Ace Gutter will install your chimney cap right so you won’t need to worry about it again. View our chimney cap options

Siding – We have vinyl, wood, or fiber cement siding in several different colors. These are covered with full manufacturer warranties and are stronger than the industry average.

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