How to Install Upper Roofline Gutters on a Two-Story Home

Ace Gutter StaffUpper Roofline Gutters

As leading gutter cleaning contractors in Utah, we’ve noticed that most homes built over the last twenty years are missing a key feature: upper roofline rain gutters. While this might sound like a simple oversight, it can put your home at serious risk for damage.

Upper roofline guttersare designed to direct water away from the roof and house structure. Without them, water can pour directly from the upper to the lower levels, seeping through the roof, walls, and even the foundation.  

Not only do these gutters help reduce leaks and structural damage, but they also: 

  • Preserve water-sensitive materials like stucco 
  • Minimize damp areas where mold and moss can grow 
  • Channel melting snow away from the roof before it can refreeze at the edges 
  • Protect the lower levels and basements from flooding

For multi-level homes, upper roofline gutters are an investment in long-term health and safety. So, if you want to safeguard your home, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance overall structural integrity, here’s how to install these gutters. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Upper Roofline Gutter Installation

Before you start the upper roofline gutter installation, you must take care of a few things. 

First, measure the length of your upper roofline to figure out how much gutter you need to buy. Getting it right means no wasted materials and no extra trips to the store. 

When you’re working up high, you need to be safe. Make sure you have a solid ladder that’s tall enough to get the job done comfortably. Don’t forget the safety harness either- it’s a must to keep you from taking a tumble. 

Next, grab all the tools you’ll need like a drill, screws, sealant, and perhaps a saw for cutting the gutter pieces to size. Having everything ready and within reach will make the job smoother. 

Finally, check the weather. You want a clear and calm day to work. Wind and rain can make the job harder and riskier.  

With this done, you’re ready to begin. 

1. Pick the Right Materials 

Upper roofline gutters catch more wind and see more leaves and twigs flying at them than the lower ones. Hence, you need to pick sturdy materials that can take a good beating.  

In this regard, aluminum and steel are your best bets. Both are durable, low-maintenance, and tough enough to handle the extra stress from wind and debris. They won’t bend or break easily, which is exactly what you need when they’re way up there. 

While you want the best quality, keep your budget in mind. Aluminum is usually less expensive than steel, but both are smart choices because they save you money on future repairs.

2. Secure the Fascia and Roofline 

The fascia boards run along the edge of your roof and are where the gutters will attach. Damaged fascia won’t hold your gutters well, and that could lead to bigger problems later. 

Check your fascia boards for rot, cracks, or damage. Replace them if you see any signs of trouble.  

Once you’re sure the fascia is in good shape, make sure it’s securely attached to your roofline. Tighten any loose areas to create a solid foundation for your two-story home gutters. 

Then, use a chalk line to mark a straight, level line along the fascia. This is your guide for installing the gutters, so they slope just right for proper drainage. 

3. Installing Hangers

Now, let’s put up the gutter hangers. The hangers hold up the gutters and make sure everything stays put, especially when you’re dealing with a multi-level home. 

Pick hangers that are sturdy and suitable for the type of gutters you have. They need to handle heavy rain and snow. Place them about two feet along the fascia. 

When you attach the hangers, make sure each one is fastened securely to the fascia. Use screws that are long enough to anchor them solidly, so your gutters won’t sag or pull away over time. Also, keep checking for alignment. Crooked gutters can lead to water pooling on your roof. 

4. Attach the Gutters

With the hangers set up, it’s time to attach the gutters. Begin at the end of the roof farthest from where your downspout will be. This ensures your gutters will slope towards the downspout for proper drainage. 

Place each section of the gutter into its hanger. Make sure each piece clips in tightly and is firmly supported by the hangers. We recommend double-checking everything during the roof gutter installation since tight gutters are less likely to come loose or leak. 

After all the gutters are attached, run some water through them to check for leaks. See if all joints are sealed well and water flows smoothly to the downspout.

5. Installing Downspouts 

Downspouts steer rainwater away from your house’s foundation, which helps prevent water damage. At the end of your gutter run, attach the downspout outlets. These are the points where the water exits the gutters, so make sure they’re securely fastened. 

Position the bottom of the downspouts to channel water away from your home. This might mean adding extensions or elbows to the downspouts to guide the water further away.

Why Should You Hire Professional Gutter Installation Experts for Your Two-Story Home?

You’d think installing upper roofline gutters on a two-story home is just about climbing a ladder and hanging up some channels. But it’s a bit more complex and riskier than it sounds. Each year, more than 100 people die and thousands more are injured from ladder-related falls. 

That’s why you should leave it to professional gutter installation experts, like Ace Gutter! A seasoned pro will: 

  • Have the right tools and safety gear to work up high without risks 
  • Install your gutters correctly, meaning they’ll last longer and work better 
  • Protect the handiwork with a warranty. If something goes wrong, they’ll fix it at no extra charge. 

Professional services bring peace of mind. Leave them to handle the heavy lifting, and you can watch your home transform without breaking a sweat. 

The Bottom Line

If we’re being honest, roofline gutter installation is not a DIY project. But if you’re confident in your skills and comfortable using a ladder, you could give it a go. Remember, in case you feel uncomfortable at any point, do not hesitate to call a gutter installation service in Utah, like the Ace team! 

Are you ready to protect your two-story home with new upperline roof gutters but not sure where to start? Don’t worry! Call Ace Gutter. We are experts in professional rain gutter installation in Utah. Get in touch now to schedule yours!