History of Ace Gutter

Ace Gutter Inc. was founded in 1998 by Shan Townsend providing support with rain gutter expertise for this specific niche. Shan was hired by a local rain gutter company and became an expert in this trade. As he progressed he found more superior ways to install, treat customers, and handle scheduling for optimum convenience for current customers.

Understanding these changes can not be made because of Shan’s status at the company, he decided to start a new legacy implementing the values he wished to utilize. Ace Gutter Inc. was born shortly after. The beginning of this new avenue of home exterior experts took time to get off the ground, much like any new business. However, Shan’s new found understanding of quality created a thriving company which has been growing in the Salt Lake Valley since 1998.

Spencer Townsend - Owner/President

Spencer Townsend, Ace Gutter Owner and President

Founded in 1998, by Spencer’s brother, Spencer started in the company just like every other installer. He doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty and would never ask anyone in the company to do something he isn’t willing to do himself. His experience and education in the construction industry is highly extensive. With a Construction Management Degree and a General Contractors License, he understands the labor as well as the business and customer relations side of this industry. 

When Spencer first started he acted on every step to Ace Gutter’s process. From estimates to billing and pay role, he did it all. Once the company continued to grow he hired more employees to help take on these daily tasks. Spencer prides himself on quality work and hopes to grow the company in this manner. Not wanting to be the biggest or making the most money, but just being known as the highest quality rain gutter company in Utah. These humble actions has left other contractors, retail customers and commercial customers with the right image of a quality company and someone who is great to work with for all home exterior needs.

With a quality company, comes quality work. This starts with the training and experience of our installers. Educating our installers on the needs of specific situations of the home and the ability to narrow down resolutions along with the original install of the work required at the jobsite. Understanding the quality of work starts with quality employees and staff is overlooked in many construction companies. Spencer has implemented numerous employee benefits to compensate his staff. Yes, the work speaks for itself but if there isn’t anyone there to back it up through customer relationships then customers will tend to look elsewhere.

This knowledge is crucial to running a successful company in any field and as the company grows so will a better understanding of these criteria to put Ace Gutter at the top of the list in Utah.

Our Team

Mike Butler – Utah County Branch Manager

Mike is the Branch Manager in Utah County and runs a team of highly-talented installers in this area. Mike manages our Orem location and has been helping our company expand over the last few years. Extending Ace Gutter’s presence in Utah County has been a successful mission for Mike. He has a firm knowledge of all construction and an extensive understanding of home exteriors. His efforts have been much recognized as he relates to the individuals in his area. The respect from his customers and his installers bleeds through and we are extremely proud to be associated with Mike and the quality and leadership he provides.

Judson Smith – Salt Lake County Branch Manager

Jud, “The Answer Man,” has been with Ace Gutter for 15 years, starting as an installer for over 3 years he quickly moved his way up. After learning installation, Jud became our top estimator for the company. Seven years later, he excelled into Branch Manager at our Sandy location. His knowledge and expertise of home exteriors was heavily recognized by his customers, installers, and the entire company. Jud has discovered ways to explain and solve problems with home exteriors. Understanding the full cycle of how home exteriors are made to perform, his detective skills at diagnosing issues have made home owners ecstatic with their decision to use Ace Gutter for their home projects. Once the job has been scheduled he strives to make sure their experience is at the highest quality from start to completion, throughout the entire process.

As Branch Manager, Jud takes the time to communicate with each installer with any concerns or bumps they might find on the job-site. He dissects issues to determine the best resolution and assures installers there are solutions they can solve together. Jud brings a team-like attitude and promotes a family environment for his installers. The crew wants to work hard for him because of the morals he has set in place and their understanding there efforts will be recognized and rewarded.

Chase Warren – Layton Branch Manager, Marketing and Sales

Chase opened our Layton branch and manages a team of highly skilled installers. Chase's skills are also directed toward marketing and strategic communications. Chase uses social media, advertising and other approaches to help promote our company. He has knowledge and expertise within this field and has a strong desire to help move our enterprise in the right direction through these means. He meets with customers on sales calls, setting up estimates and confirming the customer is comfortable with each step of their installation. His focus is primarily in the northern region of Utah.

Jess Doxey – Siding, soffit and fascia expert

Jess, has been with Ace Gutter for over 14 years and started installing rain gutter, then found a niche in siding, soffit and fascia. Through the years Jess has developed a sense of expertise in all home exteriors and is able to solve many complex problems using the most innovative procedures of our practice. He is highly skilled in resolving water damage issues and constructing remarkable home improvements for not only homeowners, but commercial builders and designers. Jess is greatly respected and appreciated by our team. He is willing to help our installers on tough jobs and energizes our entire staff. Jess will go the extra mile to ensure everyone is treated fairly from job to job. As a family man, Jess is a dedicated and honest member of Ace Gutter. He is extremely valued and plays a large role in the success of our company.

Raelyn Tychsen – Office Manager

Raelyn has been with us for 10 years and has over a decade of accounting experience. As Office Manager she is the “voice” of Ace Gutter and is in charge of all our accounting, payroll, scheduling and our Human Resources Department. She really does it ALL! It is difficult to pin-point her exact position because of her many daily tasks and duties. She never misses a day of work and like most employees is extremely dedicated to Ace Gutter. We have been contemplating getting her a cot for her office because she seems to never leave! Over the years she has developed an education of rain gutter and home exteriors which makes her knowledgeable when customers call into the office with questions. Raelyn is able to answer most questions and explain the fundamentals of rain gutter installations. She loves to keep a high moral in the office and maintains positive approach while at work. We all enjoy her amusing comments and witty jokes. Everyone has a high level of respect for her and what she accomplishes for Ace Gutter.

Debbie Eckman – The Voice of Ace Gutter

Deb works in our office as the receptionist. She wears many “hats” as her day can be hectic with large amounts of call volume. Deb comes to work each day sharp and prepared to gather information in great detail. Any wrong number or misspelling can cause major issues, so her position requires strong and precise attention which is critical to our company as a whole. She processes payments for all of our locations and follows-up with voicemails and e-mails left by our customers. We love the way Deb handles this crucial position with an up-beat and positive attitude.